SkinCheckUp - Skin Cancer Detection AI web-service
The service that takes control over skin health
Skin cancer problems
1 out of 5 people
get skin cancer
during lifetime
most people are
of skin cancer
General Practitioners are
only 60% accurate
Advanced stage melanoma
treatment is time-consuming
and expensive
An accurate and easy solution is self-examination of malignant formations using the SkinCheckUp web service.

It is designed to provide accurate and on time skin cancer detection, along with the most reliable personalized skin health advice, health path recommendation and routing to the respective specialized clinics.
3 sec
Response time
Expert level precision
Types of neoplasms detected
>500K images
In the dataset
Try it to take control over your skin health*
Upload the image of a mole
*We don’t collect any personal data during the demonstration use of our web service

The solution for public users and doctors
Different scenarios of SkinCheckUp service usage
  • Neural network diagnostics
  • Recommendation
  • Remote second opinion
  • Routing to doctors
  • Dynamics tracking
  • Diagnostics by experts
  • Patient-doctor consultation
  • Dynamics assessment
  • Clinical Decision Support tool
  • Remote doctor education and examination using an expert-verified images database

We offer two usage options based on our solution:

  • A self-contained OEM product (customer-branded App + web service)
  • Web service (to connect to your App via API)
Business applications
We work hard every day to make our customers' lives better and happier
Insurance company
Clinics can use our solution in different ways
  • As a clinical decision support tool - no qualifications in dermatology needed;
  • As telemedicine consultation service based on AI report;
  • As a follow-up skin control service after a visit to a dermatologist (to keep in touch with the patient and motivate him for another visit to the doctor);
  • As a marketing tool - a free public. Service for all people to identify skin problems with subsequent routing to specialized clinics.
Different partnership options for pharmaceutical companies
  • Develop a pharma-branded App for patients and provide OEM service. Pharma companies can use the App to conduct mass screening of people as a social advertising;
  • A joint marketing tool. A free public service for all people to identify skin problems with subsequent routing to specialized clinics.
Proposal for insurance companies
  • As a service bundled with an insurance package for early neoplasm identification and preventing severe complications of melanoma and skin cancer (reducing costs for the insurance company).

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